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Contains 8 dustbags, 2 motor filter and 2 super air clean filter. The Miele FilterBag with 9-layers of protection captures and retains 99.9% of all nastiness, including dirt, dust, allergens, and even bedbugs, which are hermetically sealed into the filter bag. Once the dirt is in the bag it stays in the bag right through to disposal.

Fits Models: The Miele S200 Series, The Miele S300 Series, The Miele S500 Series, The Miele S4000 (S4) and S (6) Series / S4210 Carina, S4210 Capella, S4210 Antares, S4210 Sirius, S4212 Neptune, S4282 Healthy Clean, S4580 Luna, S4780 Orion, S301 Midsize Canister, S312 Midsize Canister, S314 Midsize Canister Red Star, White Star, S316 Cat & Dog, S318 Medivac, S318 Bahama Blue, S324, S326, S334 Ambiente, S336 Blue Magic, S344 Platinum, S514 Solaris/Parkett & Co, S516 Cat & Dog, S518 Medivac, S524 Deluxe Midsize, S524 Mercury, Crystal, S528 Filtration Guard, S538 Monte Verde, S544 Artico, 548 Aluminium, Champagne & Exclusive, S558 Silver Moon, S558 Red Velvet, Miele Titan Canister/

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