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This is by far the #1 choice for people such as building managers or housecleaners, looking for a commercial quality machine that is not only durable and able to handle a high workload, but also lightweight and easy to use. The SEBO G2 Series is essencially the same as the more domestically advertised SEBO automatic X series, other than its color, and a manual 5 setting hight adustment knob to choose which hight best works with your floorcare needs in place of the Automatix X's automatic self adjusting engineered one. Our 20+ years servicing all makes and models of vacuum cleaners in this industry has taught us one thing for sure.....less moving parts = less potential malfunctions to inconvenience you in the future. So dispite the fact that this model is considered SEBO's commercial option, this most certainly doesnt need to be restricted as such. Did I mention its $100 cheaper than the Automatic X....

Key Features:

  • The Entire Machine is User friendly - The G series has an ergonomic hand grip, convenient carrying handle and a 40-foot cable.

  • Manual Height Adjustment - The G Series have a 5 level hight adjustment knob that will give you the ability to raise or lower the power head to the proper cleaning height for whatever type of floor your cleaning. This guarantees optimal cleaning performance on all types of carpet and flooring and protects the floor from damage.

  • Maintains Suction - Air flows directly into the micro-filter through the sides of the bag bypassing collected dirt and maintaining suction

  • Perfect Function - Brush action, suction, and filtration. The brush removes the debris and moves it to the suction chamber. The strong airflow carries the debris to the three-layer bag

  • The Electronic Control is the Brain of the essential G - It is equipped with warning systems and automatic shut-off capabilities that are designed to alert the user to machine problems such as clogs, full bag, and brush obstructions.

  • Automatic Shut-Off for Clogs - When the machine senses a clog, it will automatically shut down to protect the motor.

  • Brush Roller Clogs are Easy to Remove - With no belts on the brush roller, objects are easy to pull out without having to remove the brush

  • Easy Maintenance - The clog removal door is easy to access. In addition, removal and maintenance of the brush roller requires no tools.

  • On-Board Tools - Three on-board tools are included: The upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, and crevice tool.

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